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A stylish side table that’s perfect for your living room

Find a stylish solution or choose a practical design from our range of side tables in Singapore. Side tables are versatile and durable pieces of furniture that you can move around from one place to another or put beside your sofa. They are must-have pieces in your living room that can bring both elegance and function.

Add character and substance to your space.

Side tables don’t just provide enough space for your family’s spread of snacks and drinks but also help match your room’s aesthetic. You can use them to display your accessories, books, collectables, decorative frames, and magazines.

Whether made of teak ,oak or marble, a side table can make a big impact on your living space. It can enhance your living room and coordinate well with your existing furniture pieces. And once, you make it the focal point of the room, it catches all the attention of your guests or visitors walking in.

Shop our side tables collection online today, and find one that’s right for your home!

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