Covid-19 Update

What we do

Originals will transport your item/s into your home in Singapore where they will be unpacked and assembled by our delivery team.
Our team will remove all packaging unless instructed to do otherwise.
We do not reposition furniture around the purchased item/s.
We do not hang mirrors, install light fixtures, attach anti-tip brackets or other handyman works.

A confirmation email will be sent to you 2 days before the scheduled delivery.
The delivery will be scheduled only after full payment has been made.

Delivery charges

For orders below $500, the delivery fee is $30. For orders above $500, the delivery fee and assembly is $80.

If an item needs to be carried up the stairs internally or externally, we require prior notice to ensure sufficient manpower is available.
An additional charge of $15 per floor will apply to the delivery.
This ‘walkup’ service is available at the discretion of Originals and the delivery team.
We reserve this right to make this decision in respect to the safety of the delivery team and the integrity of your item.
Originals reserves the right to reschedule delivery if not previously notified about staircase access.

What you do

Please arrange access approval from your Condo (if required).
Please ensure there is someone home to receive and check the goods.
Please ensure that goods can be delivered via a lift.
Please ensure all delivery pathways to your home are clear.
Please ensure that there is adequate access and space for delivery and assembly of your items. E.G. clear hallways, suitably sized doorways and space in the room itself.

Delivery Times

Tuesday to Saturday (excluding public holidays)

We are unable to provide a specific timing, however our team will call you 30 minutes prior to delivery.

What to do when you receive your Delivery

Make sure you or your representative check the condition of the goods before accepting delivery and signing the Delivery Order.

You need to inspect the items, and where they are placed before the delivery team leaves.

If any product faults are found, the issue needs to be recorded on the Delivery Order and pointed out to the team immediately. The team will document the issues for rectification.

When you sign the Delivery Order, you confirm that all goods have been received free from fault and no damage has been done to the surroundings.

No one home to receive delivery.

We will take back the items to our warehouse. Our customer service team will contact you to schedule a new delivery on the next available date.

A new delivery charge will apply.

Permission for Delivery?

Please make sure you have organized permission for our team to deliver at your condo, office or apartment.

Check with your management to ensure there are no restrictions before confirming your delivery details.

Examples of restrictions or your residence may have – Vehicle height limits, parking restrictions, mandatory forms, cut-off times for delivery, the use of lift padding.

Should our team be unable to deliver due to any of the above, our customer service team will contact you to schedule a new delivery on the next available date. A new delivery fee will apply.

Late Delivery

Our priority is a smooth and efficient delivery of your order. Please note that our teams and the delivery of your order can be affected by many events outside of our control once the goods leave our warehouse. Originals cannot be held liable for late deliveries.

After Delivery

We do not accept product issues reported after delivery of your items is complete and the Delivery Order has been signed.

Disposal Service

We are happy to provide you with a disposal service for a nominal fee. This service is for the furniture you replace with your purchase from Originals.

This does not include any other furniture.

Disposal Rates

Medium Sized items: $30 per item
Dining Table (up to 2 m), Dining chairs/pair, TV Console, Coffee Table, Armchair/Ottoman, Rug, Console, Side Table

Large Sized Items: $50 per item
2-3 seat sofa, L shape sofa, Bed Frame, Sideboard, Bookcase, Shelf, Racking

How to Arrange your Disposal

Please email us to book disposal at least 2 business days before your delivery date.

If you contact us less that 2 business days before delivery, we cannot guarantee we will be able to provide this service.

Please note we cannot dispose of items –
- That do not fit in the lift.
- Infested with termites/pests etc.
- Built in items e.g. Wardrobes, electrical items.
- Over 100kg.
- When the request is made during delivery

Originals reserves the right to cancel the disposal service if the items aren’t as represented by the customer or as agreed.

Note - For customers living in HDB estates, your local council provides a disposal service for all residents.

Free Storage

Due to the disruption caused by Covid, we have extended our free storage from 1 month to 3 months.

After 3 months, storage will be charged at 5% of the value of the item/s per month.