Our Story

We’re passionate

We source, make, customise and sell furniture. Some old, some new.

We care about how it looks, lasts and makes people feel. We believe that personality can be expressed and life enhanced by the objects we surround ourselves with.

We are not defined by one product or product range but its careful sourcing, workmanship and curation. We care about the way we treat people and the environment we source from.

And we’re passionate about helping people create the home they want to live in.

Globally Sourced

Twenty years of travelling the world, searching for authenticity has given us the inspiration and resources to create our own ‘Originals’ blend of furniture for the home.

We are excited by giving our customers the tools to create homes that are not only good to look at, but are fun, comfortable and functional to live in too. We aim to spark the imagination, so that our collections will give their owners a sense of putting their own unique stamp on their environment.

Made for life

Sustainability isn’t just about doing the right thing. It’s about making furniture that follows the world’s best practices and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in design and manufacturing. We believe that longevity is intimately intertwined with quality. That a high quality product should be made with sustainable materials and needs to last a lifetime.

Sustainably & Ethically Sourced

We build sustainable resources. Our planet is important to us. We truly care that the products we sell are as environmentally friendly as possible and not harmful to our world. All of the new timber that we use comes with FSC® certification and is sourced from certified mills. The timber in our Nomad collections comes from old furniture and buildings that is repurposed.

Come say hello!

In 2019, we opened our new showroom in Bukit Batok. We have designed the space from the ground up to make furniture shopping an effortless and inspiring experience. Enjoy a warm welcome from our team and explore our range of designs at your own pace. Opening Hours: Weekdays at 10am - 7pm. Weekends & Public holidays at 10am - 6pm.