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Returns & Exchanges

It is important to us that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchases. If for some reason this is not the case, we are happy to exchange or refund items purchased as per the conditions below.  

Originals has a seven (7) day cancellation policy. If you change your mind, decide the item is the wrong size, or for any other reason wish to return  your goods, within seven (7) days of purchase, we will issue you a full refund, provided delivery has not been made. If delivery has been completed, you will receive a refund, less a collection charge of S$50.00. Goods must be returned to us in a saleable condition and we reserve the right to make reasonable deductions from the amount refunded to you if there are signs of wear and/or damage to the goods. Please see below for details on Receiving your Refund.

If seven (7) days have passed since your purchase, Originals has no obligation to accept a return or offer an exchange, refund, or store credit. Please see below for details on Missing, Damaged, or Incorrect Goods.

There will be no exchange or returns on upholstery items or custom-made goods.
To ensure the item is correct we suggest you view the item and fabrics in store, prior to purchase.

There will be no exchange or returns for goods that we have modified per a request from you. Although we have no obligation to take back these goods, it is at our discretion to do so with the incurrence of a 40% restocking fee on the basis of the original retail price.

There will be no exchange or returns on accessories or soft furnishings such as cushions, throws, and bed linen.

Please bear in mind that computer browsers may present colours slightly differently, and colours may also appear differently according to your screen. Images displayed on the internet are a representation only, and we recommend seeing the product in our Showroom prior to ordering if you are unsure.

Missing, Damaged, or Incorrect Goods

All items must be signed for at the point of delivery. In signing the Delivery Order, you are acknowledging that you have received all good(s) delivered in good condition and they are in no way faulty or damaged. If you discover an issue with an item after our delivery team has completed delivery, Originals must be informed of the issue in writing within 24 hours. 

Should you receive goods that are damaged, faulty or incorrect, we will provide you with a repair or a replacement. If we cannot repair or replace the item, we will issue a full refund. We reserve the right to determine the best course of action.


The style and originality of our furniture comes from the natural materials used. Any indentations, blocks, and fillings are part and parcel of wood, particularly recycled wood. These differences in colour, texture, and grain add to its character. We neither try to hide these, nor select timber without these unique markings.

We will not accept returns or exchange of items based on the character of wood or what we deem to be recycled teak markings.

Handmade and Hand-finished products

Every effort is made to ensure that the products we supply correspond as closely as possible to the goods displayed in our Showroom or online, but due to the handmade and hand-finished nature of many of our products there might be slight variations.

We will not accept returns or exchange items based on variations that are a result of the item being handmade or hand-finished.


Most of our fabrics are created from natural materials, therefore there can be slight variations between batches. The most common variation is that of colour – though the actual variation is often almost negligible or very slight.

We cannot accept any responsibility for fading or discolouration, due to exposure to direct or indirect sunlight. Sunlight will always affect fabric colour. Different fabrics, dark or light fade or discolour at different rates.

Please also note that there are certain aerosol sprays, that when sprayed nearby or directly to fabric can cause fading or discolouration.

Receiving a refund

Once your return has been processed, you will receive your refund, less any charges, via bank transfer within 10 working days. 

Delivery Schedule and Location

Delivery is by appointment Tuesday– Saturday.

All deliveries will be chargeable at $50 per delivery. This service includes assembly and placement. Additional $15 per floor applies for items are going through staircases.

Originals’ only delivers to locations in mainland Singapore. 
We are happy to accept orders from all over the world provided you arrange your own courier/shipping. For more details, please see Overseas Ordering below. 

Full payment must be received before goods can be delivered. Customers or their appointed representatives are responsible for checking the condition of all goods before accepting delivery.  Any issues should be recorded on the Delivery Order. 
In signing the Delivery Order, you are acknowledging that you have received all good(s) and that they are in no way faulty or damaged.

Should there be no one to receive a delivery at the arranged time, our staff will contact you and reschedule. Should there be no one to receive a delivery or full payment has not been made, it will be considered a failed delivery and a delivery charge of S$50 will apply.

Should there be any issues with your goods arising during or after delivery, please see Returns & Exchange. 

For your convenience, Originals’ offers delivery six days a week with two delivery slots a day.  
Originals’ delivery team aims to meet the agreed timing to the best of their ability, however, they may be delayed or your delivery may have to be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances out of our reasonable control.

Should your delivery need to be delayed or rescheduled, we will do our best to give you advance notice.  
Originals is not liable for any direct or indirect financial loss or other damage suffered by you due to delay or rescheduling.  

In-Home Delivery

Originals provides an In-Home Delivery service.

Items are brought into your home, unpacked and assembled by our delivery team. They will remove all packaging. 
This does not include the hanging of mirrors or re positioning of furniture around the purchased item. Originals’ and its delivery team are not responsible for the removal and/or disposal of used furniture and other items from the customer’s premises.   
It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all delivery pathways are clear, that there is adequate access and space to complete the delivery – this includes clearance through hallways, elevators, and the room itself. Our delivery team will only deliver through main entrances and doorways, not through windows, or balconies. 

If there are any stairways or if the elevator is too small, it is the customer’s responsibility to inform Originals at time of purchase. 
Additional fees apply if goods need to be carried up any stairs.   
Providing this service is subject to the discretion of Originals and its delivery team. We will not deliver goods in any way that might risk the safety of our team or the integrity of the items. 

Should delivery not be possible due to difficulty of access and re-delivery be required, a re-delivery charge of S$50.00 will apply. 

Originals cannot be held responsible for damage to furniture and personal effects, walls, ceilings, floors or carpets if they are not sufficiently protected by the customer.

Overseas Ordering

We will only deliver furniture to a shipping agent or courier in mainland Singapore. 

On signing for your goods at the point of collection/delivery you/your courier is confirming that the goods have been delivered by us satisfactorily, are in perfect condition and that the order is complete.

Storage Charges

Storage of goods is subject to space availability. If storage required is for longer than one month, a storage fee of 5% of the goods value will be charged per week.

Full Payment

Originals requires full payment in order to complete the delivery of your goods. If full payment has not be received before delivery, the delivery will be rescheduled and a redelivery charge of S$50.00 will apply.

Payment Methods

You can make payments for your goods via the following payment methods:

Credit / Debit Cards

Originals’ can accept all major credit and debit cards for payment of your order. 

Bank Transfer
Originals can accept payment via Bank Transfer. If you wish to pay by Bank Transfer, please contact us for our Bank details.