Basket | Buhera - Grey/Natural

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Brand: Nomad Tribe

The Zimbabwean Buhera women who created the baskets do so in a stunning display of old weaving techniques. The outside of the baskets would be covered in cow dung to make them waterproof, which was traditionally done to store mealie meal and beer in them.

For a distinctive appearance, our ombre baskets have been hand-dyed a chocolate/yellow/grey colour.

The Buhera basket, which is handwoven, is a lovely and useful complement for any space. Style on its own or with dried blooms and leaves. Each piece bears slight unique characteristics.


Large Approx. 30-50(Dia) x 60-80(H) cm

Material: Dried reeds/palm leaves


- Hand-woven in Zambia or Zimbabwe
- Each piece bears slight unique characteristics
- Dimensions are approximate
- Easy to maintain

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Nomad Tribe

Made in: Malawi, East Africa

Our love for unique, high quality, and environmentally-sustainable home furnishings inspired us in curating our Nomad Tribe range. Steeped in the rich visual traditions of the African continent, each of these handcrafted items highlights the beauty of natural materials and their textures.

We source from local artisans across a number of countries including Malawi, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Tonga and Burkina Faso to name just a few. The original pieces we source are then repaired and restored in South Africa.

A delivery fee applies to all purchases (per order, per location), inclusive of assembly & placement of free-standing items. Our delivery team operates from Tuesday to Saturday every week excluding Thursday and public holidays. Our delivery charges are $30 for all orders under $500 & $80 for all orders exceeding $500.

Basket | Buhera - Grey/Natural Large | Approx. 30-50(Dia) x 60-80(H) cm / Grey Natural
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