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Vintage Cabinet with 2 Drawers | Natural

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Brand: Nomad India

We travel to Rajasthan to hand-pick these domestic cabinets, which have been sourced from villages all over North India. Each piece is a testament to tradition, adding a unique, rustic charm to your home. These cabinets not only serve as functional storage but also stand as cultural artefacts, bringing a touch of history and artistry to your living space.

Each cabinet is a one-off & unique.

Dimensions: 95(L) x 41(D) x 141(H) cm

Material: Repurposed Cabinet Teak / Repurposed 

Nomad India

Made in: Northern & Central India

Our love for unique, high quality, and environmentally-sustainable home furnishings inspired us in curating our Nomad India collection.

We source from the Northern most region of India, near the border of Pakistan, Rajasthan is home to artisan craftsman and hidden warehouses that produce the most unique and beautiful furniture pieces in the world. For 17 years, we have been on a search through these hidden places in Rajasthan, sourcing the pieces that speak to us and evoke the senses. Through a careful process, our carpenters remodel, reshape and restore the pieces we find on our journeys. These original vintage cabinets were once domestic pieces used in household. The economic status of these pieces can be told from the condition, characteristics of the piece, the quality of workmanship, the quality of materials used and its size. Most homes only had a small cabinet that they kept their items in.

The layers of paint you see on these cabinets are because every year at Diwali the families would usually paint all the furniture in their homes. We only source and select the best, pieces that have character, made primarily out of teak and are still structurally sound. Each piece we select is restored by carpenters who give the cabinets a new lease of life whilst retaining their historical character. Ready for its new home!

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Vintage Cabinet with 2 Drawers | Natural 95(L) x 41(D) x 141(H) cm
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