Our Commitment

Core to Originals’ values is our responsibility to think about the environment and the impact we have on it through our choice of suppliers and in creating and selecting our product ranges.

Our suppliers vary from small businesses with simple, traditional production techniques to global companies using state of the art manufacturing processes.  In all instances we believe the processes to be as clean, as energy saving, and as environmentally simplistic and renewable, as possible.

Our key ranges use materials from three main sources.The old teak wood that makes up our Java and India Recycled ranges is from structures and houses that have been abandoned, ruined or destroyed for rebuilding.

The domestic furniture and architectural elements that make up our India Originals range and select pieces from our Java Recycled range are all locally sourced by our suppliers on the ground in Rajasthan and Central Java. We have personally tracked these chains to the source to verify the authenticity.

The teak that makes up our contemporary ranges of furniture is all plantation teak, these ranges are created and produced by companies who have total respect for, and take active responsibility for, the preservation of the environment. These companies also take steps to minimize and counter any negative impact their production process may have, down to the reduction of waste and the reforestation of areas where timber is sourced.