We source our products with great care and attention from the most reputable manufacturers around the world. When you buy Originals, you buy a product that is intended to last for years, so we’re committed to assisting our customers throughout the lifetime of their products.

— Upholstered Furniture

All of our sofas and armchairs are covered by a three (3) year structural warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty specifically relates to frames, suspension, and support, and ensures that your purchase is free of defective workmanship in furniture that is subject to normal application, and has been carefully maintained and used sensibly.

Our seat cushion cores - in both unattached cushioning and attached cushioning - will soften with normal use over time and conform to the shape of the user. This is considered normal wear, and is not considered a loss of resilience or a material manufacturing defect. In addition, this warranty doesn’t cover or include linen covers, since by their very nature, these fabrics are soft in texture and will crush, shade and mark more readily than most fabrics. These characteristics will in no way be considered as defective.

— Timber Furniture

We’re proud that each of our timber products has its own unique set of natural characteristics. So your products - especially when made with recycled wood - will always come with their own indentations, blocks, and fillings. We don’t try to hide these or select timber that comes without them. In fact we believe that they bring our pieces to life.

Our five (5) year warranty covers the structural integrity of all of our timber products. We ensure the quality of our products with great care, and expect that they will provide a lifetime of beauty and enjoyment when they’re used normally in the home. Our timber furniture is always for indoor use only, unless we state otherwise.

In climates around the world, the elements effect the timber we use in different ways. Different conditions effect the way timber shrinks, expands, bows, splits, and changes colour, and as such, we don’t offer a warranty on the elemental shifts in timber. Our pieces are made to be lived with, and as such, we offer no warranty on every day wear and tear. To keep your piece looking at its best, read more in our care instructions section.

As part of our production process, we kiln dry and fumigate all of our products to make sure the wood is clear of insects. Sometimes - especially in tropical climates - the timber may still attract insects, so it’s imperative to give the pieces the appropriate care. Any problems related to insects occurring after the purchase is subject to warranty at the discretion of the seller.


All of our Originals fabrics have been hand selected from quality mills and fabric printers all over the world.

Many of our fabrics are created with natural materials, so there can be slight variations between batches and runs. The most common variation is in colour, although the actual variation is very slight.

Our 12 month warranty on fabrics only covers manufacturing faults on the zips, velcro, and stitching. Refer to our care instructions to learn about the best way to care for your fabrics.


It’s important that you take care and pay attention with all of our electrical items. All of our lighting products come with a one year warranty, which covers the electrical wiring of the item. With our lighting, please use the bulb recommended in writing on the appliance. Improper usage of the product, including when you use the wrong bulb, will void the warranty.


Our rugs come with a full one year manufacturers warranty. This warrants the rug against manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials for a one year period from the date of your original purchase. Normal wear and tear does not come under our warranty. Roll and fold marks from shipping do not come under warranty either, because they will disappear with routine cleaning and vacuuming. Please refer to our care instruction for more information.

Warranty Claim

If you have a warranty claim, call the Originals shop on +65 6471 9918, or email us at hello@originals.com.sg When you send us an email, it’s best to take some images and attach them to the claim. If an inspection is required to determine the nature of the issue, we’ll send out an experienced Originals representative at a mutually convenient time.

It is at the discretion of Originals to repair or replace the product or the part. Refunds are not available. If identical materials are unavailable at the time of repair or replacement, Originals will substitute for materials of equal or better quality. Replacement fabrics may vary in colour from the original due to differences in dye lots. The warranty covers the product, parts, and labour costs involved in the repair, but excludes transport or freight costs associated with the claim.

All claims are subject to the discretion of Originals. The warranties provide coverage to the original retail purchaser, and do not apply to rented, business, commercial or other non-residential issues. Originals may refuse a claim if the defect or damage is cause by use other than its intended use, or improper care of the product. Please refer to care instruction or contact us for information as to how to best care for your product.