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We are excited by giving our customers the tools to create homes that are not only good to look at, but are fun, comfortable and functional to live in too.  We aim to spark the imagination, so that our collections will give their owners a sense of putting their own unique stamp on their environment.

Twenty years of travelling the world, searching for the unique has given us the inspiration and resources to create our own ‘Originals’ blend of furniture for the home.
We are a creative, caring, energetic team of individuals who take pride in striving to be the best we can be for ourselves, our suppliers and our customers. 

Our Showroom

 We love that we can show you up to 20 scenarios of home settings in our 6000sq ft Showroom in Bukit Timah. 

You never know what is going to spark your imagination when you walk through the door.  We want you to experience a place that is always changing and evolving so that we can always give you the best opportunity to find the solutions for your total living approach.
Here you can see the traditional pieces and quality materials that we recycle with contemporary ideas. That’s how we create you something individual.  We blend your desire to look amazing with your need to be functional and relaxed in your own home.
It is a place to stop, look and relax so you can feel what it is like to be in it and live in it.  We are there as soon, and as much as you need us. 

Our Online Store

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to visit us.  So you can also go to our online store, and preview our ranges, email us, call us, or simply buy online. 


Twenty years of travelling and finding inspiration everywhere, inspired our approach to living and lifestyle today.  The Originals vision for our homes engages our desire to be individual, to be someone unique, to be able to function in a practical and efficient way, and to find fun, warmth, comfort and calm around us.

Originals comes from the combination of its own unique, Nomad furniture lines, and an international selection of brands that are blended together to surprise, inspire, and fit our vision for a totally individual experience in how we live. 


Curated by our team at Originals, past and present, the Nomad Brand is the result of our worldwide search for the Unique.
Nomad has  5 Collections - Home, Outdoor, Village, Tribe, & India,  that evolved by finding inspiration throughout our travels.  Our imagination and vision were really ignited in Asia.  Here we were able to combine the uniqueness of the raw materials and pieces we found,with our total appreciation of producing quality and functionality.  We balance this with our eye for beauty and design.

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