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Vintage Horse Carving

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Brand: Nomad India

The Vintage Horse Carving is intricately carved and mounted on a stand and base. Originally, a pair of these majestic pieces would have adorned the sides of affluent doorways in prosperous Indian households. Now transformed into decorative ornaments, they add a touch of splendor to any curated shelf or hallway console table. Each sculpture, hailing from India, bears the hallmark of meticulous hand-carving and painting, ensuring its uniqueness. No two pieces are alike in size, colour, or shape, ensuring that each stands as a timeless marvel to be admired for generations.

Material: Teak

Note: Dimensions are approximate

Nomad India

Made in: Northern & Central India

Our love for unique, high quality, and environmentally-sustainable home furnishings inspired us in curating our Nomad India collection.

We source from the Northern most region of India, near the border of Pakistan, Rajasthan is home to artisan craftsman and hidden warehouses that produce the most unique and beautiful furniture pieces in the world. For 17 years, we have been on a search through these hidden places in Rajasthan, sourcing the pieces that speak to us and evoke the senses. Through a careful process, our carpenters remodel, reshape and restore the pieces we find on our journeys. The Vintage Horse Carving sculpture were handcrafted and used as decorative items in Rajasthan, India, and showcase the unique Indian architectural style and ambiance, bringing a true vintage feel to any living space. You can use this rare find as a bookshelf ornament or place it on your coffee table as a standing piece. Each piece has its own distinct colour, shape, and size, and may exhibit signs of aging or wood cracking, which only adds to its distinctive character.

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Vintage Horse Carving 13(W) x 32(D) x 51(H) cm
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