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Daily Care - Recycled Teak

- Nomad Village, Nomad Java, Nomad India Collection -
Originals uses teak wood in most of its ranges. Teakwood has a high natural oil content and is a dense wood which is extremely strong and durable.
Simply wipe with a dust cloth. If the teak surface becomes dry over time or in different conditions ie air condition or central heating.
Polishing with beeswax can restore it. 
Beeswax is available in most DIY stores and is preferred to all other waxes as it also discourages mold.
For dining tables simply use a sponge with a solution of soap and water and wash the entire table.

Daily Care - New Teak

- Ethnicraft Collection -
Our contemporary teak range comes unfinished and hasn’t undergone any protective treatment. The woods have been polished causing the oils to rise to the surface; this results in a finish that preserves the characteristic hardiness of the wood. The high density of teak also means that stains remain on the surface and do not penetrate the wood easily.
Sponge with dishwashing soap solution: Regular washing will make the wood increasingly resistant to marks and stains as it absorbs more soap over time.
Always clean in the direction of the wood grain and never use a scouring pad or this might scratch the wood.
Scratches could be removed with fine sandpaper. When sanding you should sand along the grain of the wood.

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